Jesus Is Back

Album: All Nation Proclamation
Jesus is back!
Judgement resurrection roll call
Set the whole world right
He’s not taking no jack
As money could never rule
As mammon cannot buy into the book of life
Put all sin in a sack
Drop it in the middle of the ocean
The Kingdom of Heaven is on earth!

Oooh Jesus on the clouds
The full moon is sapphire red
Earthquakes rocking the grave yard
Waking up the sleeping and raising the dead

Look the sky is black
Jesus coming down on clouds of glory
Crucified earlier in the same story
It’s a heart attack for…
Lucifer, Caligastia…Beezlebub…Satan
And the whole gang under evils command
He not cutting the wicked no slack
Putting this world back on track
From the scene of spiritual quarantine

Jesus is Back
He’s back he’s back


Jesus is Back
He’s back he’s back