All Nation Proclamation

Album: All Nation Proclamation
You shall be to me
A kingdom of priests a holy people
Yahweh is our judge
Yahweh is our law keeper
Yahweh is our King
He will save us
Yahweh is my King and my God
He is a great King over all the Earth
Loving kindness is upon Israel in this Kingdom
Blessed be the glory of our Lord
For he is our King
I have come to proclaim the establishment of the Father’s Kingdom
And this Kingdom shall include the worshiping souls of Jews and Gentiles
Rich and poor free and bond
For my Father is no respecter of persons
His love and his mercy are over all
The Father in Heaven
Sends his spirit to indwell the minds of men
And when I shall finish my work on Earth
Likewise shall the spirit of truth be poured out on all flesh and the spirit of my Father and the spirit of truth
Shall establish you in the coming Kingdom
Of spiritual understanding and divine righteousness
My Kingdom is not of this world
The Son of Man will not lead forth armies in battle for the establishment
Of a throne power or a Kingdom of worldly glory
When my Kingdom shall have come
You shall know the Son of Man
As the Prince of Peace
The revelation of the everlasting Father
The children of this world fight for the establishment and enlargement of the kingdoms of this world
But my disciples shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven by their moral decisions and their spirit victory’s
And when they once enter therein they will find joy righteousness and eternal life
Those who first seek to enter the Kingdom
Thus beginning to strive for nobility of character like that of my Father
Shall presently posses all that which is____
But I say to you in all sincerity
Unless you seek entrance into the Kingdom
With the faith and trusting dependence of a little child ye shall in no wise gain admission
Be not deceived by those who come saying…
Here is the Kingdom or there is the Kingdom
For my Father’s Kingdom concerns things not physical and material
And this Kingdom is even now among you
For where the spirit of God teaches and leads the soul of man
There in reality is the Kingdom of Heaven
And this Kingdom of God is Righteousness…Peace…Joy
In the Holy Spirit