Dark Cloud 40 Years

Summer 2013 North American Tour


40 years after hitting spiritual bedrock in Canada, the spirit has returned Dark Cloud to Canada, home. Usually, 20 years is considered a life sentence, 40 years, double life. Moses was laughed at for 40 years before the spirit moved him to spiritual liberty.

Dark Cloud was originally born in Lafayette Louisiana USA under another name. His spiritual birth and new name did not come from the south. Cloud did not find the spiritual way until he ventured north into Canada, Vancouver Island. He went north and struck spiritual bedrock. 40 years later, the spirit has brought Cloud back to Canada again, ordained the Lightning Band from Canada as the spiritual revelation of the enthronement of God in the hearts of men and goodwill among men. Behold your salvation comes from the north. And again with Shuggy Milligan and Jay Buttle, the Lightning Band, at the Unity Fest at Slocan Lake, BC, they struck new spirit music bedrock.

After landing in Houston Texas from Switzerland Cloud had a rendez-vous with White Eagle, his 22 year old Toyota  Previa 1991 van.  He jokingly said he was travelling only with me, myself and I – the Holy Trinity. He drove north, choosing the plaines rather than the mountains. Cloud cruised Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and crossed into Canada near Weybourn Saskatchewan. As Cloud went west in Canada he encountered the mountains. In British Columbia he witnessed mountains collapsing unto the roads with bumper to bumper traffic, people crying on the sides of the roads with water in their houses up to the ceilings. The amount of rain had been too much for drainage systems to cope.  10’s of thousands were homeless in Calgary,  and Medicine Hat was sold  out of drinking water, bracing for the worst and the Ziggy Marley concert in Medicine Hat was also sold out. Cloud immediately realized that raising up the Lightning Band was not going to be served on a silver platter. He knew he would have to wrestle this victory from the jaws of defeat.

4 and a half days after leaving Louisiana Cloud arrived at the Canadian connection in BC near the Alberta border. They immediately went into building the Lightning Band. The night before the big show of Unity Fest, around 2 am in the morning, the camp was awakened to shouts of evacuate. An 18 wheeler had spilled 35’000 liters of jet fuel into Lemon Creek, the drinking water aqueduct. At first there were doubts as to whether the Unity Fest would happen because of road closures on account of the oil spill. When the Unity Fest decided to press forward, the atmosphere was electric.

The back drop of events served as a perfect setting for the Dark Cloud & Lightning Band performance captured on video.

The mission accomplished Cloud drove White Eagle to the USA through Idaho, Washington, Oregon going south. The air from Oregon to San Francisco California was a hazy, toxic mixture of smog and forest fire smoke, you could taste it. The drive to San Francisco to LA was believable.  The drive from LA to San Diego, unbelievable, 8 hours, bumper to bumper madness….. urban constipation.

Finally Cloud left California going east towards El Paso Texas.  Across the southern eastern run was a band of lightning with rain causing the pavement to shimmer and smoke. The black pavement was wet and cool all the way from San Diego into Houston Texas. White Eagle had gone over 6000 kilometers. What a revelation it had been for Dark Cloud & the Lightning Band.

Central Europe Switzerland 2014

“Lucerne, Switzerland is a tourist mecca for the world. the city center has luxus shopping and clean, clear lakes from the snow covered mountains on the horizons. the lakes have ducks, swans and sailboats. the shoppers come by tour bus loads seeking Rolex watches and Swiss army knives, sometimes snaking lines outside of stores unto the sidewalks. it should here be mentioned that Lucerne also loves “the blues”.
as shoppers hurried by on their different ways, I found a quiet bench by the water’s edge. I opened my guitar case, saddled on my hohner echo harmonica and let go some zydeco rhythms. the response from the passers-by  was encouraging. on one occasion, I had just arrived, opened my  guitar case and had a large five frank piece thrown in before tuning the first string, before playing anything. when playing music on the streets of Lucerne, usually it’s the children in the baby carriages that take notice of me first. they want out of the carriage and stand there and gawk and by and by start dancing to the music. by this time other mothers and carriages are stopping, causing a bottle neck to the quick stepping shoppers… it’s a happening. mothers are  videoing the proceedings as  children interact.
one Chinese woman and daughter  videoed entire songs and said that it was high time that I visited china. a wealthy gentleman from Baghdad said that he had always loved the blues because it is sung from the heart. 3 young men from the black forest of Germany demanded that I play some roots reggae. local Swiss people from Lucerne said they wanted more people to hear more of this music. playing the streets of Lucerne was soul satisfying and revealed the passion of the shoppers and the unifying cohesiveness of all people regardless of race or creed.
music has the power a whole world to transform.”